High Five moment with Heather Todd: Emotional Check-Ins using Google Forms

The problem: How can I find out how my students feel after recess?

Grade 3 teacher, Heather Todd, was looking for a way to quickly take the emotional temperature of her class after recess. She found that when students were upset or hurt at lunch, she wouldn't find out until later in the day or not at all. That got her thinking, what if I created a survey for them to fill out after recess?

In Heather's class, her students have access to 1 to 1 iPads and use Seesaw daily to document their learning and reflect on their core competency progress. Surely we can use Seesaw on the iPads to come up with a solution!

Heather created a Google Form that asks 3 simple questions.

  1. What did you do during your break?
  2. Who did you play with?
  3. How was your break?

If everything is A-ok, students answers are sent to Heather and she's able to view the students response in a Google Sheet created by the Google Form.

If not, the students are presented with another set of questions, asking for them to explain what happened and why they feel that way.

Students are also given an opportunity to write out how they are feeling and what happend at recess. Responses are listed chronologically in the Google Sheet and can be filtered by the emojis that students have picked.

Additionally, Heather can filter by email address and isolate responses from only one student. This is especially helpful for parent teacher meetings.

Responses can be filtered to show one student, one feeling or one day. 

Students access the Google Form through an activity posted to Seesaw. This is where we use a little trick! Because the students are responding through the Google Form and not Seesaw, the activity never disappears from their queue of classroom activities. Heather found that after a couple days of modeling the process of filling in the form, her students are filling it out on their own and without asking after recess!

High five, Heather! 🙌🏼

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