Classmate Labs with Learning Resource Teachers

Classmate Labs with Learning Resource Teachers

Classmate Labs March 11, 2020

On March 11th, we met with a group of Learning Resource Teachers from around the lower mainland to discuss their relationship with technology and share best practices for data collection.  

What we learned

With the updated BC curriculum and move towards student driven learning, IEPs are getting a needed update to their design and function. Although we don't have specific instruction on how those changes will be implemented. Everyone at our office agreed that there are better ways to collect student data.

Our group discussed the use of Tools like Seesaw, Notability, Google Docs, Slides and Drive to create and share materials for students. We then dove into one particular workflow developed with the help of Stephanie Walker, a Learning Resource Teacher from Corpus Christi Elementary.

Using Google Slides to Create Seesaw Activities

Stephanie recognized that she doesn't get enough time to create profiles for her students. She then created a Google Slides document that could act as a digital profile that her students could fill out using Seesaw. Each slide would be an activity that could be completed with her or in class. Later, she could view their answers and build an appropriate plan for that student.

Take a look at a version of the template below:

Get a copy here | choose File > Make a Copy

This template was then imported into Seesaw as an activity. Students could then fill out the template with their prefered tool (text, drawings, photos, audio comments).

Student Filling out Template in Seesaw
Student filling in information in Seesaw
My Student Profile posted to Students Journal in Seesaw

Next Steps

The great thing about our teacher community, is that we aren't working in a vacuum! If you're interested it something like this at your school, reach out to Carlo or Dylan here and start the conversation.

Thanks to all the teachers that came out to our office! We had a blast. As soon as its safe to run something like this again, we'll be reaching out. In the meantime, see you all online!

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